Various - tact disco vol. 10

Before his death, Brook was a tall, tan, skinny man who had a rather distinctive face. He had a slight goatee on his chin and some side burns. He typically wore shades never revealing his eyes. On his forehead was a scar that slightly resembles a diagonal omega sign ( Ω ). This scar was retained in his skeletal state as a distinctive crack across his skull. [4] Brook's facial appearance, accompanied with his style of clothing, resembles a type of appearance and style that is commonly associated with various music artists such as Ozzy Osbourne , Jimi Hendrix , Slash , and other musical celebrities with similar features.

Side C
C1. Frank Sinatra – White Christmas  (3:15)
C2. Lou Rawls – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas  (4:40)
C3. Anita Kerr Singers – The Little Drummer Boy  (3:28)
C4. Pat Boone – Adeste Fideles  (2:25)
C5. Tennessee Ernie Ford – Hark The Herald Angels Sing  (1:27)
C6. Mahalia Jackson – The Holy City  (5:24)
C7. Lettermen – Silent Night, Holy Night  (2:11)

Various - Tact Disco Vol. 10